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Has HBO deal changed iTunes for good?


HBO has reportedly agreed a deal with Apple to sell their programmes at a flexible rate on iTunes – which could spell the beginning of new flexibility from the online store.

Time Warner owned broadcaster HBO are already embracing VOD and an agreement with Apple to sell their shows at flexible price points marks a major departure from the norm.

One size fits all

Apple had previously stuck to their rigid ‘one size fits all’ pricing insisting that it was to prevent confusion for their users, a policy that had left broadcasters resistant to the service.

However, if the HBO deal is confirmed it could herald a new era for the iTunes store – already the market leader in online music sales and pushing aggressively into the video market.

Another major US station – NBC – pulled its programmes from iTunes last year because of the pricing policy, but they may well make a return and the UK audience may see an increase in domestic TV stations willing to sell their wares.