Game Boy Color and the original Fallout ported to Android Wear

Pokemon Android Wear
Pokémon on Android Wear? Now that is a selling point

Android Wear is shaping up to be a decent little smartwatch platform, but how is it for gaming?

Normally the answer would probably be "meh," but web developer Corbin Davenport has made it his business to do crazy things with Android Wear.

After porting a semi-functional version of Windows 95 to his Samsung Gear Live earlier this month, he's now posted videos of a Game Boy Color emulator and the original Fallout running on the smartwatch too.

The only appropriate question is: what's next?

Gotta catch 'em all

Davenport told TechRadar on Twitter that he has several other games running on Android Wear that he simply hasn't made videos of yet.

The Game Boy video shows Davenport using his Gear Live smartwatch and a Moga Pocket Controller to play games like Pokémon, Tetris, and Super Mario Bros. It actually appears to work quite smoothly.

Davenport's Fallout Android Wear port on the other hand came about as a response to an Android Authority article that said the classic game would not run on Android Wear, despite Davenport's success at getting Windows 95 to run (sort of).

He did it, although predictably it runs like crap. Still, it makes you wonder what future generations of smartwatches will be capable of.

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