Poco acknowledges heating issues on Poco F3 GT

Poco F3 GT
(Image credit: Aakash Jhaveri)

Poco’s latest flagship smartphone - the Poco F3 GT was launched just a couple of weeks back in India and comes with MediaTek’s Dimensity 1200 series chipset.

This gaming-focused device comes with a couple of MagLev shoulder buttons and offers a high touch response rate of 480Hz which helps users get the best gaming experience under a budget.

With all these features in place, coupled with a powerful processor and ample amount of RAM, the phone as expected has got a positive response from the early adopters. However, the same set of users have now started to complain that the Poco F3 GT has heating issues.

Some users took to social media to express their displeasure as the phone gets more than just warm for some users. Some users have reported that their phone remains warmer than normal during regular usage and starts to overheat when playing games.

The company has now acknowledged the problem via an update in the Global Poco community forum. The update identifies the issue as “Heating problems while using the device.” The company has classified this issue as a “minor problem” impacting a “small volume” of users. These users are presumably on V. of MIUI according to the post.

The post, however, doesn’t clarify if it’s a software bug or the heating issues are related to the chipset powering the phone. The said firmware wasn’t pre-installed on the device and was delivered later along with the July security patch. This also explains why the issue wasn't reported in reviews.

Now that the company has acknowledged the issue, it may soon release an update fixing the bug. However, the company hasn’t given any ETA yet. Since not all the users are impacted by the issue and some even reporting that their device is behaving normally, it needs to be seen if the company decides to throttle some applications to contain the heating issues or has a different solution. 

Whatever the case may be, we expect that the company remains transparent about the solution, though we will keep you informed anyways.

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