'Retro' Samsung NX200 launch imminent

Retro Samsung NX200 RS launch imminent?
Rumours suggest that the NX200 RS will have the same spec as the NX200, but a two-tone body

Samsung has confirmed to TechRadar that a two-tone NX200 is going to be made available in selected countries.

As of yet, no decision has been made on when (or if) it will go on sale in the UK, and no information on when that decision will be made is forthcoming. As mentioned below, we have been informed that the camera will have no specification changes, and will remain badged as 'NX200'.

The Samsung NX200 is a feature-packed compact system camera (CSC) that has a 20.3MP APS-C sensor. It's capable of producing richly detailed pictures and shooting crisp Full HD movies. However, our tests revealed that its short battery life, lack of a viewfinder and sluggish raw shooting times let it down.

The specifications of this updated model are said to remain the same, with the only difference between the new version and the existing camera being that the newer one is two-tone with addition of a chrome top plate. Retro design is (still) all the rage, thanks in part to the success that Fuji's had with its rangefinder-styled FinePix X100 and FinePix 10 compacts. But this seems rather a token gesture.

The new NX200, reported by some to be called the NX200 RS is expected to hit South Korean shops on Saturday 21 January.

Samsung doesn't have a presence at the CP+ show in Japan, so it looks like we have seen all the new camera announcements from Samsung for a while.

Via Photo Rumors