Leica introduces new lens adapter for S-System

Leica S Adaptor
With the S-mount adaptor, Hasselblad, Mamiya and Pentax lenses can be used

Leica has announced it is expanding its range of accessories for its Leica S2 professional camera system.

From August, three new Leica S-Adapters will be available, allowing photographers to attach a variety of medium-format lenses from other manufacturers to Leica S Bodies.

The Leica S-Adapter V can be used for Hasselblad V System lenses, the Leica S-Adapter P67 can used with the Pentax 67 system, while the Leica S-Adapter M645 can be used for lenses from the Mamiya 645 system.

Leica says that the new S-Adapters offer many benefits to professional photographers, namely greater flexibility as a result of being able to use additional lenses, along with photographers having the ability to use lenses that they may already own.

The adapters are made from high quality anodised aluminium and chrome-plated brass and have been designed to be durable and reliable. For the first time, S-system users will now be able to use a tilt and shift lens using the adapters.

The Leica S-system is a professional medium-format camera boasting 37.5 megapixels and a sensor with an area nearly 60% larger than a traditional 35mm camera. The S2 specifications also include autofocus and high-speed MAESTRO image processing.

S-Adapters are scheduled to be available in the UK from August 2011 from selected Leica dealers including the dedicated Mayfair store. The suggested retail price of the adapters is £525 including VAT.

Amy Davies

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