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iPhone app claims to mimic DSLR photography

Camera Pro+ iPhone app
Kenigart claims that the Camera Pro+ app can produce DSLR quality images

Kenigart has released a photography app for iPhone 4, iPod touch and iPad which it claims can transform its humble camera into an SLR quality image capable tool.

The app allows you take photos from within the app interface itself, add digital photo effects and also includes a photo tips guide.

According to the Camera Pro+ page on the app store, it works by using 'special photo improving math algorithms' to improve your photos, but doesn't explain any further than that.

The screenshots on the app store show the interface has been styled to look like the back of a Canon DSLR.

10 digital photo effects to improve your photos in app include different blur, HDR, sharpen filters, noise, emboss effects and more. "Howto" photo samples included in the app guide you along the process of capturing good images.

Altered images can be saved in the iPhone 4 photo folders, along with the rest of your standard photos.

While the iPhone 4 camera performs well, the manufacturers of this app are making pretty bold claims, so we'll be testing the app at the first available opportunity to see how well it performs in actuality and let you know whether or not you can ditch your DSLR in due course.

The Camera Pro+ is available for iPhone 4, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 4.0 or later. The app costs £1.99.