Fujifilm rolls out ultra-zoom HS10 camera

The Fujifilm HS10 joins the ultra-zoom brigade
The Fujifilm HS10 joins the ultra-zoom brigade

Fujifilm has unveiled its new summer range of cameras, with the HS10 top of quite an impressive crop.

The HS10 boasts a 30x optical zoom and a manual zoom mechanism.

Both these combined make a world's first according to the camera company.

Couple its zoom capabilities with a 10MP CMOS sensor, Full HD recording and motion tracking autofocus and what you have is a feature-packed device ready to take on the photography masses.

Fujifilm f80

ZOOM ROOM: The F80EXR comes with 10x optical zoom

Also announced are the F80EXR and Z70 cameras. The F80 comes with 10x optical zoom (not bad for a compact), a 12MP CCD sensor and HD movie shooting.

Fujifilm z70

YOUTUBE READY: The Z70 comes with YouTube capabilities

The Z70 is pitched at the social-networking crowd, with a one-touch YouTube/Facebook upload function.

The Z70 also comes with a 12MP CCD and has a 5x optical zoom lens.

Fujifilm xp10

SHOCK TACTICS: The XP10 is ready for you to unleash hell

For those who don't mind taking expensive bits of kit with them when seeking thrills, the Fujifilm XP10 is, according to Fuji, is shockproof, waterproof (to 3 metres), freezeproof (to -10 degrees) and dustproof.

It comes with 5x optical zoom, HD movie recording and a 12MP sensor.


HD SHOOTING: The Fujifilm S2500 captures movies in hi-def

Following the shockproof XP series is a hard task but the Fujifilm S-series update (S1600/1800/2500) tries its best with some great zooming options (15x and 18x), CCD sensors and the ability to capture HD video.

JZ series

SUPER-SLIM SHOOTER: The J-series of cameras are the thinnest of the lot

The last cameras released that are of not are the J-series. The JV and JX series have been given a 5x (JX200/250) and 3x (JV100/150) optical zoom respectively, HD shooting and a rather thin chassis, at just 18.9mm.

The JZ300/JZ500 may be a bit thicker (at 23mm) but on-board is a handy 10x optical zoom lens, an HD filming option and advanced CCD-shift image stabilisation.

All UK pricing and release dates are still to be confirmed. Go to www.fujifilm.co.uk for more details.

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