Sony Xperia Z and Nokia Lumia 925 are joining T-Mobile's tally sheet

Xperia Z
Z on T-Mo

T-Mobile's just introduced a duo of phones that, thanks to its new Jump! program, users can now upgrade to when and if they feel like it. Well, after 6 months in the program that is.

The devices are Sony's Xperia Z and Nokia's Lumia 925, while an existing tablet, the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 from Samsung, is getting a 4G LTE upgrade.

Starting July 16, T-Mobile customers, and only T-Mobile customers as it's a carrier exclusive in the U.S., can pre-order the water-resistant Xperia Z for $99.99 and 24 monthly payments of $20. As a fine-print reminder, monthly pricing is for well-qualified buyers at 0 percent APR with approved credit.

The phone will go on sale online, in T-Mobile retail stores and at select retailers starting July 17.

Sony stores are also selling the device at 38 U.S. locations starting today, too.

Hi ho

The march of devices continues with the Lumia 925, launching on July 17 for $49.99 down and the same $20 every 24-month payment plan. This will be the first 4G LTE Windows Phone on the network, so kudos to T-Mobile.

As for the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, current owners will soon see an over-the-air update adding 4G LTE capabilities to the device. The OTA is due in the coming weeks, and those who don't have it but want it can purchase it for $99.99 down with 24 monthly payments of $15.

Neville Ray

T-Mobile's taking a way

LTE it in

In an overall rambling press event, the carrier also announced that its fledgling LTE network now reaches 157 million people in the U.S., blowing past its mid-year goal of reaching 100 million citizens.

The high-speed coverage is live in 116 metropolitan areas, with T-Mobile's LTE service available in major cities like New York, Dallas, L.A., Seattle and Miami.

CTO Neville Ray said that the top 22 markets are now blanketed with the carrier's LTE coverage, and it's on track to reach its 200 million-person goal early.

Importantly, not all of this coverage is 100 percent, with some only reaching 75 to 80 percent and a few markets still in the waiting-to-be-unleashed phase.

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