Windows Phone continues march across Europe, UK growth beats iOS, Android

Windows Phone continues march across Europe, growth outpaces iOS and Android in UK
Lumia popularity boosting Windows Phone

Microsoft's Windows Phone mobile operating system was the only of the 'big three' to experience growth in its UK market share during the last few months, a report published on Monday has claimed.

While still largely dominant over the chasing pack Apple's iOS (27 per cent) and Google's Android software (58.4 per cent) both experienced slight dips in their respective shares during Q3 of 2013, Kantar reports.

Windows Phone on the other hand boosted its share to 11.4 per cent, which is nearly three times higher than the 4.2 per cent it enjoyed this time last year.

The jump can be almost entirely attributed to improved sales of the rapidly expanding and improving Nokia Lumia range, as other manufacturers' interest in the platform has diminished rapidly.

Bigger than iPhone

That's not where the good news ends for Microsoft though. If the figures are accurate, it can now claim to be more popular than the iPhone in Italy.

Windows Phone enjoys a 13.7 per cent share of the Italian market compared with 10.2 per cent for iOS. Overall, across the entire region, Kandar reports around a 10 per cent share for Windows Phone.

The analysts expect Apple to bounce back strongly in the fourth quarter thanks to the launch of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in September, so Microsoft's is likely to give back a bit of ground.

Overall, the news is good for Microsoft as it continues its slow, but steady, progress. However, while offering up a "huzzah!" for Windows Phone, spare a thought for poor old BlackBerry. Its UK share is down to 3.1 per cent.

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