Windows 10 Mobile finally arrives for all eligible phones

Windows 10 Mobile

After several months of waiting and a multitude of delays, Lumia users running Windows 8.1 can finally make the jump to Windows 10.

Microsoft announced today that it is rolling out Windows 10 Mobile to eligible Lumia phones, which include the following:

  • Lumia 1520
  • Lumia 930
  • Lumia 640
  • Lumia 640XL
  • Lumia 730
  • Lumia 735
  • Lumia 830
  • Lumia 532
  • Lumia 535
  • Lumia 540
  • Lumia 635 (1GB RAM)
  • Lumia 636 (1GB RAM)
  • Lumia 638 (1GB RAM)
  • Lumia 430
  • Lumia 435

Microsoft clarified that the range of compatible Lumia phones was limited to those that could run the upgrade without an "impact on the customer experience," which excludes a number of older models.

The company also pointed out that the manufacturer, region, or service provider of a particular device could also potentially rule out Windows 10 eligibility.

Ready to download?

Curious if your Lumia is Windows 10-ready? Microsoft has its Update Advisor app available as a free download, which not only figures out if your phone can jump to Windows 10, but can also help clear some space for the shiny new upgrade. (You'll need about 1.4GB freed up on your device.).

Microsoft's overdue arrival with the Windows 10 Mobile roll-out, originally planned for this past December, ran into a number of delays that were never officially expounded upon by the company, but may have had to do with implementing new fixes and updates to the desktop version, all the while testing each mobile device to see how it could run the upgraded operating system.

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