We7 launches app for Android handsets

We7 - music streaming
We7 - music streaming

UK music streaming service We7 is launching an application for Android, and offering a two-week trial of the full version to lure people in.

With the likes of Spotify stealing much of the attention, We7 is keen to push its new app, which will work on Android handsets and offers unlimited streaming.

The mobile service is only available to people on the Premium Plus subscription of a penny under £10 a month, but does allow favourite content to be cached so that no internet connection is needed.

People can trial the service for two weeks through the app, but will then need to pay out if they want to continue to use it.

Access love

"We love giving people access to their favourite music and enabling them to consume it, wherever and however they want it, said Steve Purdham, we7 CEO

"The new Android app version continues to extend our mobile strategy."

"We know that many consumers have been frustrated with mobile music apps in the past, generally, they download 'free apps' but cannot play songs without paying for a subscription.

"We wanted to resolve this, that's why we've included the free trial so users can sign up and immediately play music.

"Users just need to go to The Android Marketplace and download it, we're confident that they'll love it!"

The Android version has apparently been greatly changed form the iPhone app, and includes a new user interface, offline mode, haptic feedback support and personal online playlists.

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