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The all new HTC One teases dual cameras in official teaser

The all new HTC One officially teased in public
Can you feel it?

As rumours continue to swirl around the new HTC One it appears the Taiwanese firm may have let the naming cat out of the bag after a poster appeared in the window of London store Selfridges.

The poster reads "the all new HTC One" and then hints at another premium body by adding "Feel it" in big letters.

HTC's UK twitter account posted the picture with the message "Something is happening in Selfridges. 25/03/14" - the same day as HTC's big event at London Olympia and in New York.

Big tease

That's not the only teaser HTC has released, with another image hitting the web with six photos of pairs - potentially hinting at the dual-camera setup rumoured to feature on the rear on the new One.

What does it mean?

HTC slipped this collage onto Twitter with the caption "On March 25th, life will become twice as beautiful."

As if that wasn't enough, a HTC device with six different variants has also passed through the FCC in the US, and four of those models are apparently set up to work on the four major carriers in America.