New Samsung MP3 players answer phone calls

Along with its SmartLight TV technology and a Blu-ray and HD DVD duo player, Samsung has also announced a new range of snazzy MP3 players here in Berlin. Revealed in the Samsung press conference today at IFA 2007, the new range is headed up by the incredible YP-P2, and also includes the YP-S5 and the YP-T10, previously reported by

The MP3 players use Samsung's proprietary sound technology, Digital Natural Sound engine (DNSe), to provide high quality acoustics and give you the best possible sound. What's more, all the new players have Bluetooth-enabled wireless stereo for streaming your music.

Dr. Jong Woo Park of Samsung stood in front of hundreds of journalists and couldn't contain his excitement as he demonstrated how it was possible to answer his Samsung mobile phone on his MP3 player by connecting them together.

The new range of Samsung products all contain Bluetooth connectivity and eventually all Samsung devices will be able to talk to each other in this way.

Animated user interface

The MP3 player range was demonstrated on stage, with an impressive, animated user interface unlike anything seen on MP3 players before.

"Samsung Electronics is excited to unveil a feature-rich trio of high-performing MP3 players," said Dongsoo Jun, vice president, at the Berlin press conference. "We have improved the sound quality of MP3 players with our DNSe technology. These MP3 players are full of innovative, yet essential features based on market-leading technology, and deliver amazing sound."

The YP-P2, YP-S5 and YP-T10 MP3 players are set to go on sale at some point in the autumn.

James Rivington

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