Best of British design in tiny Samsung phone

Samsung's new designer phone comes with its own elegant beanbag camera tripod

Anyone in the market for a hype-free, yet simple and attractive mobile phone might want to take a quick look at Samsung 's latest designer phone, the SGH-E590 . It's a super-lightweight beauty due out later this month.

The E590 might not be a cutting-edge media darling , but it's certainly one of the best-equipped mini phones we've seen. And the fact that it's a Samsung guarantees a sturdy, usable interface.

Simple elegance

Designed by British industrial designer Jasper Morrison , the simple candybar design belies some decent specs. These include a 3.2-megapixel camera with auto focus, Bluetooth and an audio player that can handle MP3, WMA and the various varieties of AAC.

The tri-band GPRS/EDGE handset will be available worldwide (except the Americas for a change) later this month. And it comes in a special edition box bundled with a very classy little beanbag tripod. Pricing remains up to individual networks, although we expect the E590 to come in at under £100 with contract in the UK.

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