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Palm CEO makes clarion call for company

Come on Palm - show us what's after the Pixi
Come on Palm - show us what's after the Pixi

Palm CEO Jon Rubenstein has penned a letter to his employees in an attempt to clam fears after the company posted lower than expected financial results.

Palm confirmed that sales of the Palm Pre and Pixi were lower than expected in its Q3 financial guidance, which led to lower carrier purchasing volumes (and therefore less money in the bank).

However Rubenstein has thrown together a few thoughts on the matter and sent it to all his employees, telling them that things will get better.

He mentions the news being 'difficult to swallow' after reporting revenues lower than the $300 million expected.


He also pointed to new product advisors being deployed to stores around the US as well as a renewed ad campaign, as the company bids to turn things around.

He did point to $500 million in the bank as a sign that Palm has the power to change things, so it's not all bad news.

But until Palm announces some new phones to join the ageing Palm Pre and Pixi (the latter of which hasn't even yet made it to the UK) things will continue to be tricky for the resurgent firm.

If you want to see the letter in full, then head on over to the Wall Street Journal, and see a CEO's over exuberant use of exclamation marks.

Via Engadget