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O2 hits 3G deadline


O2 has managed to roll its 3G services out to 80 per cent of the UK population – saving itself from the penalty of having its contract shortened by four months.

Ofcom, the media watchdog, has confirmed that O2 has managed to reach the necessary coverage ahead of the 30 June deadline that it had imposed.


If O2 had failed to reach its obligation, it would have been hit where it hurts, with the 3G contract – which it paid a whopping £4,030 million for – foreshortened by a third of a year.

The other four 3G licence holders, H3G, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone, all proved to Ofcom that they had shown they could provide for four fifths of the UK population by 31 December of 2007, the original deadline.

Ofcom has stated that further assessments will be made to ensure that the licenses remain in compliance on 31 December 2008.