O2 confirms iPhone 5 listing is 'genuine mistake'

O2 confirms iPhone 5 listing is 'genuine mistake'
Oops, don't look, it's not real!

We got all excited when we saw an iPhone 5 listed on the O2 accessory shop, but the mobile network has been quick to come clean on the mistake.

TechRadar was tipped off to the "iPhone 5 32GB" finding its way onto the O2 site via the Apple Accessories section of its store – sparking debate over whether Apple will indeed opt to call it's sixth generation handset the rather confusing name.

However TechRadar has now spoken to O2, and a spokesperson confirmed: "the listing on the O2 shop is a genuine mistake and we working on removing it from the website."

Not preparing for new iPhone

When we asked if the network was preparing its systems for the new iPhone by adding iPhone 5 listings to its database, the O2 spokesman said; "absolutely not, it was just human error."

However, there's no way all networks aren't preparing for the launch of Apple's latest handset, so this human error is likely someone in the database team getting a little trigger-happy.

So the excitement was short lived, but luckily we've not got long to wait, as the iPhone 5 is expected to arrive sometime in September – so just month to wait, fingers crossed.

According to the latest rumours, the new iPhone will sport a larger, 4-inch display, slightly tweaked design from the iPhone 4S, feature NFC technology and of course come running iOS 6.

Thanks @tony_efc for the tip!

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