Nokia Lumia 928 goes lens to lens with iPhone 5, Galaxy S3

Nokia Lumia 928
A photo-focused phone

Continuing with one of the worst kept phone secrets of late, yet more evidence of the still-not-officially-announced Lumia 928 is making the rounds thanks to none other than Nokia.

In a video posted on its U.S. website, Nokia pits "the Nokia Lumia" against the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5.

Amid the whir of a roller coaster and beat-tastic music, the flick aims to show the Nokia device's dominance in low light and OIS photography.

Compared to the iPhone 5, Nokia's contender has greater color saturation and sharper image focus, while the S3's takes have greater noise. Of course, this is Nokia's test and not an independent survey, so we'll have to wait to get our hands on the phone before making a final judgment.

This is the Lumia 928, right?

Nokia only ever refers to the phone as the "Nokia Lumia" and the "newest Nokia Lumia," but the page's URL - - kind of gives it away.

We've seen the phone on billboards and in magazines already, so we know the device exists. The camera, we keep being told, is the highlight feature of the phone.

According to the Lumia landing page, the device features an 8.7MP PureView camera with Carl Zeiss optics and Optical Image Stabilization (or OIS).

Visitors can sign up for alerts when the new Lumia becomes available via their email addresses, though who knows. Perhaps we'll have all the details handed to us before Nokia ever makes an official pronouncement.

Via TechCrunch

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