Nokia 5800 Comes with Music SIM-free this Friday

Nokia's 5800 finally makes its way to the UK
Nokia's 5800 finally makes its way to the UK

Do you want Nokia's Comes with Music service but don't want to be tied to a mobile phone contract?

Well, Nokia is releasing its 5800 handset this Friday (22 May) at its Regent Street store in London for £299 SIM-free. And to celebrate the launch it is also offering the handset for half-price for a very limited time.

Comes with catches

Before you all rush at once, there is a catch: to get the deal you have to be one of the first 100 customers to visit the Regent Street store on 22 May and need to bring an old mobile phone and MP3 player for trade, which knocks the SIM-free price of the phone down to a mere £149.50.

For those that don't want to jump through these sort of hoops to get the phone, it will be in-store to purchase for £299 SIM-free a full week before Orange and the like are allowed to tie you down with 24-month contracts to get the device for 'free'.

The 5800 XpressMusic has been a long time in coming to the UK, with the phone originally touted for a January release alongside the Comes with Music service. Nokia has yet to confirm the reason for the substantial delay in the UK.

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