Motorola wants to make a shatterproof Moto G, but...

Moto X Force
Moto X Force

Motorola's brand new screen technology to make its phones "unbreakable" is currently only available on the Moto X Force, also known as the Moto Droid Turbo 2 in the US. But it looks like the tech won't be limited to just one phone for much longer. The company wants to bring the technology all the way down to the more affordable, but still excellent Moto G.

Techradar spoke to Motorola President Rick Osterloh who said, "Our aim in the long run is take all our tech as low as we can. We did that with the Moto Maker on the Moto G and the little twist to activate the camera.

...however, that unbreakable screen technology is super expensive right now and that makes it hard to tier at the moment. But that is our aim."

Moto G

Breaking new ground

Some were confused as to why the decision was made to include water-resistance in the latest generation of Moto G, but omit the sought-after feature from the higher-end Moto X Play and Moto X Style.

Osterloh said, "I think we felt there was an incremental need in the Moto G space that wasn't getting met. The primary volume for that product is outside of developed markets."

"In those markets, durability was something that resonated high on users' lists. It was kind of an innovation experiment for us. Could we offer more water resistance at a lower price point without affecting the idea in a major way? I think it worked out pretty well."

Durability is back in focus for phone manufactures in 2016, with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge bringing back water-proofing for the first time since the Galaxy S5.

It's interesting to see Motorola say it wants to bring its innovative, unbreakable screen to more products. How long it will take however, is another question.

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