Mobile wallet a reality with Payforit service

With Payforit, mobile users can pay for services and content direct from their phone and have it charged directly to their phone bill

Mobile users in the UK will find it easier to pay for services with their phones with the launch of the Payforit payment service, a new scheme that's supported by all UK mobile network operators.

The Payforit service has been developed as a way of making small payments via mobile phones, with a standard and consistent method that's simple for anyone to use. When you want to buy something via a mobile phone, or subscribe to a service, the Payforit system will present you with a standard screen to confirm payments.

You'll be able to clearly see details of what you're paying for, whom you're paying and how much it costs. The payments are then charged to your mobile bill, so there's no need for credit or debit card details to be used.

The Payforit scheme aims to promote secure micropayments from mobile phones, by ensuring the payment experience for customers is "consistent, transparent and user-friendly at all times", according to Payforit.

Web-based transactions

Initially the Payforit scheme will allow payments of up to £10 on services, downloadable content and games, although the aim is to extend this to other goods and services, including train tickets. Web-based transactions are also being enabled for the Payforit service.

All five of the main UK mobile network operators are backing the Payforit scheme. The first companies to sign up include I-play, Gameloft, Electronic Arts, Multimap, Sony Ericsson and Samsung.