LG Optimus 2X problems continue, no fix for 'several weeks'

LG Optimus 2X - mo' problems
LG Optimus 2X - mo' problems

LG Optimus 2X owners may be stuck with malfunctioning handsets for the foreseeable future as LG struggles to fix a bug with the handset.

Despite intentions to offer a patch to fix the 'black screen of death' issue that sees handsets randomly freezing and rebooting, LG has admitted that it's struggling to make the problem go away.

Although the company originally stated that it would have a software update to fix the problem by the end of May, the latest communiqué from LG posted on its Italian blog warns of a wait of "several weeks".

No fix 'til Brooklyn

"We regret having to announce that the software version expected by the end of the month – in order to solve the instability problems alleged by some customers – has been postponed for several weeks," says the company's statement, translated by an XDA Developers forum member.

"Troubleshooting is taking longer than expected because of the systematic nature of the anomalies reported, involving only a part of owners of LG Dual Optimus [2X].

"However, we are aware of the hardships that some of you are [having] with our product.

"All resources are stretched to the limit of LG to release a best software [update] as soon as possible, but at present we have to move the deadline for issuing [to] the second half of June.

"We will do everything possible to bring forward this date."

From XDA via LG Optimus 2X blog

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