Leaked HTC M8 photos give first glimpse of new flagship

HTC comes out swinging with the M8

HTC impressed us to the tune of a five star review with the HTC One, but that's starting to feel like old news and we're anxious to see what the Taiwanese company can cook up next.

The answer to that appears to be the HTC M8. We first heard about it around a week ago, but now we've got some pictures courtesy of Taiwanese site ePrice.

Based on these images it looks as though the HTC M8 will have a similar form factor to the HTC One, with a metal body and a rounded back; however, there are a few differences.

HTC M8 1


First up there's the fact that there doesn't seem to be any break in the metal along the edges, so instead it's totally wrapped in metal.

Mystery marking

HTC M8 2


The back of the device is also a bit different as there's what looks like a hole or lens above the main camera lens. It could be a fingerprint sensor, but it's in a rather awkward position for that. One alternative is that it might be another camera lens, though if so it's unclear why HTC would opt for two rear cameras.

The final thing to take away from the images is that while the body mostly looks quite dark it does seem to have a slight blueish hue to it, though whether this will be the final colour of the handset is unknown.

As well as posting these images ePrice is also reporting that the HTC M8 will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 3GB of RAM, the Sense 6.0 interface and an estimated screen size of 5-5.2 inches.

If those specs are true then, along with the even more metal-icious form factor, HTC's new flagship could actually be a worthy successor to the HTC One.

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