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HTC One X confirmed with AT&T for May

The HTC One X will be available next month

AT&T has confirmed that the HTC One X will arrive stateside in the not too distant future.

May 6 is the date to remember, with the device available for $199 through AT&T.

The HTC One X will be the first smartphone from AT&T to launch the latest Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS.

In another first for AT&T, the device will be the first for the carrier to feature HTC Sense 4 and built in Beats Audio for an enhanced camera lens, software, and audio experience.

What's under the hood

Notably, this will be the dual-core LTE version of the HTC One X, rather than the beefier quad-core model, and it still sports the sizable 4.7-inch 720p HD display.

We were impressed in our in depth HTC One X review, with the flagship device earning 4.5 stars.

The HTC One X went on sale April 18 in the UK ahead of next month's US launch. Early adopters may want to jump on board to pre-order the HTC One X, which they can do starting April 22.