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HTC's superior One M9+ is coming to Europe, but not UK

HTC's superior One M9+ is coming to Europe, but not UK
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Update: After the excitement of hearing the HTC One M9+ will be coming to Europe there's bad news for UK fans - the handset won't be making the trip across the channel.

This news was confirmed to TechRadar by a HTC spokesperson, so it looks like Britons are plum out of luck. A real shame.

Original article...

Earlier this year, HTC announced the HTC One M9 Plus, sitting larger than the One M9 with a bigger and better screen, an integrated fingerprint reader and HTC's older Duo Camera technology.

While the One M9 was launched globally, the HTC One M9 Plus was released as a China exclusive, leading us to think it wouldn't be available outside of Asia.

That changes today, however, as HTC announced the QHD display-touting One M9+ will be launching in Europe.

The HTC One Plus M9 Plus will price and exact availability will be announced on a market-by-market basis.

Unfortunately, there's been no news for a release in North America or Australia, but we do see this as a positive sign the M9 Plus could make it to even more regions after Europe.

Bigger is better

The Europe-bound One M9 Plus will have identical specs to the phone released in China earlier this year, including a 5.2-inch screen with 1440 x 2560 pixel QHD resolution.

It features 3GB of RAM as well as a MediaTek MT6795T octa-core 2.2GHz chip. There's also a fingerprint scanner as well a 20-megapixel Duo Camera capable of capturing 4K videos

The all-metal handset will be available in gold, gun-metal grey, and a silver and gold combination.

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