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HP may be working on its first Android smartphone

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HP could be about to re-enter the Android arena.

HP is only associated with smartphones in a failed way, thanks to the dismal post Palm purchase Pre 2, but there's a chance that could change as it unleashed an Android handset on the world.

At least that's the sense we get from some benchmarks for a product called 'HP Slate 6 Voice Tab' which popped up on GFX Bench. Based on the name it looks like HP might be planning to market it more as a tablet than a phone, but at six inches and with voice support it sounds a lot like a phablet to us.

Unfortunately it doesn't sound like the most exciting debut, as it has a 1 GHz quad-core Marvell processor and a 720p display. It's also running Android 4.2, which is now two generations behind.

Phablets and tablets

Alongside the Slate 6 Voice Tab, benchmarks also appeared for a device called the HP Bowser 10 x2. This is very much a tablet and looks a little more powerful than its phablet companion, as it has a 1.8 GHz quad-core Tegra 4 processor, Android 4.3 and, at least according to GFX Bench, a 1920 x 1008 display, which would make it marginally worse than full HD.

Those specs still aren't really anything special, but both devices could make for decent mid-range options if they're priced right.

HP went low-end with its pricing on the Slate 7, so if it does the same thing with the new Slate 6, we could see a moderately attractive phablet for a rock-bottom price.