Here's how to fix your EE roaming if it's broken


EE customers who are travelling around the globe are struggling to get online due to roaming issues preventing them from connecting to those back home.

If you're one of those people, EE has said it's working on a permanent solution, but there's also a potential fix which may work for you.

A spokesperson for EE said, "Customers can try restarting their device or turning flight mode on and off as that has restored service for a number of customers and may help to resolve the problem."

Initial fix

There's no guarantee this fix will work for you, but it's worth trying to help you get your phone back online.

The spokesperson continued, "We're aware that some EE customers travelling abroad are experiencing issues getting connected to roaming services.

"We apologise to any customers affected, and we are continuing to urgently work with our roaming network partners to resolve the problem as soon as possible."

"Any customers who are affected should contact customer service when they can and we'll make sure they're not out of pocket."

Some customers have also reported issues with connecting to the internet in the UK, but EE has yet to comment on a solution for those issues.

James Peckham

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