Google Maps 3.3 syncs mobile with desktop

Google merges maps with mobile
Google merges maps with mobile

Google's clearly getting into the Christmas spirit, as it will now allow you to see your favourite (starred) items on both desktop and mobile versions.

That's not the reason for the Christmas labelling - we think Google may have got on the eggnog a little early this year when writing the description of the new service:

"With today's release of Google Maps for mobile 3.3 on Windows Mobile and Symbian phones, you'll now be able to keep the starred places on your phone and on your computer completely synchronised. It's like magic, but magic that you can use."

Could it be magic? No

Well - not really like magic - more like with Google Maps 3.3 your mobile phone can now properly synchronise with your web account.

But it also works both ways, meaning once you update to version 3.3 on your mobile, you can choose to have all your mobile favourites appear on the 'bigger' version too! Wow... that really is like magic. Well, not really, but we're trying to understand what Google is on about.

This will become especially important when Google Navigation really starts to take off - being able to scope out your route on the computer then having it automatically transfer to the phone will be a great asset on the Google arsenal.

Google has promised similar functionality will soon be coming to the likes of the iPhone and Android - but point your browser to if you're reading this on a Nokia (or some Samsungs and Sony Ericssons) or Windows Mobile phone.

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