EE network for Orange and T-Mobile rolls out

EE network for Orange and T-Mobile rolls out
EE begins to appear for Orange and T-Mobile customers

The first glimpses of the EE network for Orange and T-Mobile users have been seen in the wild, with the expected move on to a new network identifier rolling out.

Some Orange and T-Mobile customers may be wondering why there is an EE logo on their phone in the place of their normal network.

When Everything Everywhere, the company behind Orange and T-Mobile announced its new 4G network EE (stay with us), it signalled that users of its subsidiaries would start to see EE.

As we reported at the launch of EE: "Customers currently on T-Mobile or Orange will notice the network tag on their handsets will change to say EE in the coming weeks and months, with all devices receiving the new brand name before Christmas."

iOS 6

And TechRadar can confirm that this is beginning to roll out across the UK, with an iPhone 4 on the latest iOS 6 showing the EE branding in London.

EE will primarily be known as the first network to offer up 4G, the next generation mobile technology that will bring with it faster speeds.

The iPhone 5 will be one of the handsets that supports EE's 4G network and its arrival on Friday will bring a groundswell of people on Orange and T-Mobile, but also other networks, who will look to move onto EE when it launches.

There is no launch date given for the 4G portion of EE, but our money remain on October or November, with the service sure to arrive in 2012.

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