EE Harrier swoops in as the next low-cost 4G smartphone

EE Harrier swoops in as the next low-cost 4G smartphone
EE Harrier swoops in as the next low-cost 4G smartphone

The EE Harrier and Harrier Mini are official - the latest 4G smartphones from the mobile network promising the most affordable 4G experience with Wi-Fi calling.

The main attraction is the 5.2-inch EE Harrier which boasts a full HD resolution, 1.5GHz octa-core processor, Android Lollipop, 13MP rear camera, 2500mAh battery, Wi-Fi calling and of course CAT4 4G with average data speeds of 60Mbps.

It'll set you back £199.99 on PAYG, or you can grab it free from £21.99 per month.

If that's pushing your budget a bit, or you're put off by the large nature of the Harrier, then consider its smaller brother - the EE Harrier Mini.

EE Harrier

Mini me

For the same price as the EE Kestrel when it launched last year, the £99.99 Harrier Mini gives you a 4.7-inch 720p display, 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 8MP rear facing camera, Wi-Fi calling and 4G data speeds.

The Harrier Mini has been dubbed the "UK's most affordable 4G smartphone with Wi-Fi calling" by EE, which isn't hard when you consider the other contenders from the network are the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus - and now the Harrier as well.

EE Osprey 2

There's also two new mobile hotspots - the Osprey 2 and Osprey 2 Mini - providing 4G data speeds for up to 10 connected devices and the former also doubles as a 5150mAh battery pack to recharge your tech.

The Osprey 2 will set you back £69.99 on PAYG, or you can get it free on contracts from £15 per month. The Osprey 2 Mini is just £49.99 on PAYG or free from £15 per month.

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