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China Mobile, Vodafone to challenge Android

The main focus of the group will be mobile internet services

Just when we thought the mobile phone software situation was confused enough with Android and LiMo vying for attention with established players, three massive networks have announced they’re getting together to muddy the water further still.

China Mobile, Vodafone and Japan’s Softbank Mobile are forming a working group to share ideas and speed up the development of handset software and applications.

Chinese Masses

The group comprises Japan’s number-three carrier plus the world’s richest, Vodafone, and the world’s largest in China Mobile. The Chinese firm alone has 392 million subscribers, so their combined might needs to be taken seriously.

Their main focus will be mobile internet services and developing “a platform for mobile widgets to encourage the development of innovative new services that can leverage mobile operators' unique capabilities.”

In other words, better operating systems and one-button links to approved shopping, entertainment and advertising services that will encourage subscribers to get online more and open their wallets.