Charging made simple

The USB charger interacts with your Note II to automatically shut off when it's fully charged, meaning you never have to drain your car battery when your handset doesn't need any more power. The durable and flexible cord gives you portability on the go too, so you won't need to worry about getting tangled up.

If you want to use that larger screen more effectively though, you'll want to make sure the Note II is always safely in your eye line when driving. The iOttie One-Touch windshield and dashboard car mount comes to your aid here, giving an easy way to store your phone on the long drives when using it as a sat nav system.

Use the phone in portrait or landscape mode and stick the car mount to the dashboard or to the windscreen glass, so you'll know no matter where you're charging and how long you're navigating, streaming music to your stereo or using the Note II to make hands free calls, you'll never see the phone drop or run out of power.

And finally there's the humble Samsung Travel Charger for your GALAXY Note II - giving you the flexibility to charge anywhere without needing to worry about taking up a huge amount of space in your suitcase or overnight bag.

The removable front pin means the Charger will fold down to almost flat so you can easily get your hands on it when you want a quick battery top up.

The Samsung GALAXY Note II is one of the most fully-featured handsets on the market with a host of cool new features you'll want to play with again and again. Make sure you never run out of juice with Samsung's great range of charging accessories and keep the magic flowing no matter where you are.