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We spend 7x as much on gadgets as our homes

Virgin Media's guide will give you helpful tips on how to work your gadgets

We are spending more than ever on the latest gadgets, but a lot of the stuff we buy seems to get stuck unused in cupboards or gathering dust in the corner of the living room.

Three quarters of us spend up to £10,000 on technology - seven times as much as we spend on our homes, a new Virgin Media study has found. But for 1 in 20, that money is wasted as they admitted to not knowing how to work their new gadgets. Three per cent even admitted to breaking their new kit before they got it working, mostly by not reading the instructions properly.

Only 25 per cent of the 1,000 surveyed adults said they fully understood the basic functions of their digital TVs, broadband services and mobile phones. Most don't even bother taking time to discover other functions apart from the most basic.


In a bid to tackle this epidemic of wasted gadgetry, Virgin Media has teamed up with Jason Bradbury, presenter of Five's The Gadget Show. They're producing an easy-to-understand guide to help consumers get the most out of today's modern technology.

"There are some magical gadgets out there however I'm not surprised by the amount of money wasted when people don't know how to use them. That's exactly why Your Digital Home Made Simple has been created - to help make all those techno marvels much more user friendly," Bradbury said.

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