Best camera apps for iPhone

There are already a variety of pre-installed doodles and quotes, as well as the ability to write your own quotes which means that time when your friend shouted Kettle for C in a game of 'I spy' can be forever immortalised.

If you decide you like the idea, but want a different implementation, why not check out InstaText. It too comes with filters and stickers, and the ability to pop text over imagery. It does miss the quote functionality though.

Camera Art FX

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Camera Art FX

Filters are probably the most common features when it comes photography apps.

Nigh on every app will pack in some sort of filter functionality, as they can often cover up some of the more basic amateur photographic mistakes.

They also add a level of fun. Apps like Camera Art FX can make things look really interesting, adding more arty effects like comic style, doodled or painted effects, or even allow you to make your own Obama-esque 'Hope' poster.

The free app contains 12 effects, with there being 13 in the paid version.

All filters are applied in real time, meaning that you can preview what you're going to snap before you hit the shutter button.

This isn't going to be for everybody, but for those that want something similar you can always try Cartoon Camera Plus, which packs a variety of image effects to choose from.



For those looking to add photo effects, filters, and mess around with their images in other ways, you might not need to look further than PowerCam. Allowing you to take photos in 8 different modes, with real time view, PowerCam offers a lot.

These photo modes include Magic Shot, Colour Splash, and Smile shot, meaning that you will always get the photo of your smiling child (or baby sibling) that you really want.

It is also fast, with photos taken and effects applied in a second. HD video recording with live effects is supported as well. Photos can also be edited more traditionally, with various enhancements around. Photo sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr is supported.

If you're after a different photo editor, however, why not try FX Photo Studio. It allows you to add varying filters and textures, as well as text. There are over 190 effects, including black and white and colour strokes, and you can change gamma, saturation and contrast levels to name but a few.



Camera+ pitches itself as an app that will appeal to both seasoned professionals, as well as the most amateur of photographers. To do that, it provides options such as being able to select your exposure level and focus separately.

Other features allow you to use the horizon to eliminate crooked shots, digitally zoom up to 6x and allows you to take a forward facing photo whilst using flash. We can imagine that meaning a lot more dodgy selfies.

Camera+ also makes a song and dance about the Clarity feature. This 'makes several intelligent adjustments', which is technical chat for 'auto adjusts your images' to bring out the details in photos that you might originally have thought were unusable.

For those that are looking for a more professional style app, but don't wish to use Camera+, why don't you look at Camera Awesome. It awesomises (again, read as auto adjusts) images, as well as allowing you to select individual focus and exposure, and provides different compositions.