Apple fan's iPhone 5S stolen in store, no chance to even set up Touch ID

Apple fan's iPhone 5S pickpocketed, didn't even have chance to set up Touch ID"
Hey, lads! I've got a new iPho...and it's gone

Apple's new Touch ID fingerprint sensor might safeguard the iPhone 5S against thieves, but it wasn't much good to one poor Apple fan who had his handset robbed before leaving the Apple Store on Friday.

After queuing (probably for hours) at the flagship Apple Store on Regent Street in London, the unlucky fella unboxed his handset and placed it in his pocket, only to be pick-pocketed by a light fingered little toe-rag.

He only realised the iPhone was gone after he left the store and now cops, who were out in their droves on Friday and still managed to miss the incident, are looking at CCTV footage to determine what happened.

"It's not clear what happened, because the store is so busy," a Met police source told The Register. "This is why we draft in extra officers. There's always going to be people having their new phones nicked."

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