Android market growing faster than App Store

App Stores compared, with Apple still miles ahead of the competition

Mobile app analytics company Distimo has assembled these easy to understand graphs, based on the latest findings on the six largest mobile phone apps stores on offer from Apple, Palm, Research In Motion, Google, Nokia and Microsoft.

Distimo notes that Android's growth rate is fastest, amassing 3,000 new apps per month (15 per cent growth rate), while Apple is growing at about 14,000 new apps per month (9 per cent).

The stats show each company's store size, rate of growth, average price of apps and the free-versus-paid-app ratio.

Size, growth, pricing

Clearly, Apple is way out ahead of the competition (151,000 apps), having had something of a head start (not to mention acres of column inches of invaluable PR) with the App Store.

Following Apple is Google's Android Market (19,300 apps). And lower down the app ecosystem we have Windows Mobile (690 apps), Palm (1,450), Nokia (6,120) and BlackBerry (4,760).

In terms of cost, RIM's apps cost the most, an average of $8.26 for apps, Windows Mobile cost $7 on average and Nokia, Apple, Google and Palm apps all fall in the $2.50 - $3.60 price range.

Wired via ReadWriteWeb