25 really useful Google Nexus One tips

13. Set a custom unlock pattern

For added security, you can set an unlock pattern for the Nexus One. Go to Settings and select the Location & Security option, then select Set unlock pattern. Now, follow the wizard to connect the dots -- say, two up and two over. This pattern must be used to unlock the phone when you turn it on or lock it.

14. Use the doubleTwist manager

The iTunes app is for Apple fanboys, right? You can use doubleTwist instead to load your phone with music, photos, and movies. The app works with the Nexus One for managing your media files.

15. Dictate your words

The Nexus One can dictate what you say. Whenever you see the virtual keyboard, click the microphone and speak what you want to type.

Nexus one voice search

SPEAK UP: You can search using Google voice, or dictate memos to youself

16. Send photos to Facebook

Long-press on any photo and the Share option will replace the slideshow link. In this menu, you can send the image to your Facebook account. Just login and send.

17. Disable wireless for longer battery life

The Nexus One offers a power-saver widget -- to add it, long-press in an open spot on the home screen and select Widgets, then select Power Control. Here, you can quickly turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to conserve on battery power.

18. Remove unneeded apps

One way to save space on your Nexus One is to remove unwanted apps. Go to Settings, Applications, then Manage applications. The default sort if by name, but you can press Menu and select by size to see the memory hogs.

Manage nexus one apps

HOUSEKEEPING: You can view installed apps by name or, more helpfully, by size

19. Check your Google Voice balance

You can use Google Voice to make international calls -- you first need to load up your account with credits. The Nexus One app lets you check your balance for these assisted calls (they still use your cell service or landline minutes). Start Google Voice, go to Menu, and select Balance to see your account credits.

Google voice balance

IN CREDIT: You can access your Google Voice balance, which shows you credits for international calls -- but unfortunately does not work like Skype for free in-service calls

20. Search for apps quickly

Like the Palm Pre, the Google Nexus One has a hand search option for finding apps. To use it, press the Search button and then type in the app name you want.

21. Watch YouTube vids in HD

You can watch any YouTube video in HD, if available. Start the YouTube app, play a video, then go to Menu, select More, and select the option to watch in HD.

22. Set a custom ringtone

Unlike the iPhone, which forces you to jump through hoops to set a custom ringtone, you can make any song on your Nexus One your ringtone. Just start the Music app, find your song, long-press and select the use as ringtone option.

23. Shuffle your tracks

The Nexus One has an option to shuffle your music tracks. Just start the Music app, select Menu, and click on the Party shuffle option.

24. Access the airplane mode

If you hold down on the power button, you will see an option to put the Nexus One into airplane mode, which disables all wireless connections.

25. Use the voice recorder

The Nexus One offers a voice recorder app, but it is a bit hard to find. It is actually a widget, so long-press on an open area of the home screens, then select Widgets and add the Voice Recorder. Now you can record any conversation.


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