10 best HTC One cases: top protection for your new HTC One

Best HTC One cases: 10 to choose from
Pretty or rugged, we have loads of HTC One phone covers for you

The HTC One is undoubtedly one sleek and desirable Android smartphone being. Whether it's gripping that aluminium body, peering at that vibrant 4.7-inch screen or shooting stellar pics with the innovative Ultrapixel camera, HTC has come up trumps with its latest One series handset.

Making sure those killer features stay box-fresh for longer than a week is a tall order for most, so to help you in the quest to keep your One protected you'll need a decent cover.

Here we've found the best HTC One cases available for you to buy now.

1. Case-Mate Barely There - £18

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Best HTC One cases: 10 to choose from

If you're not prepared to give up that slim form factor, this hard shell case snaps onto the back and sides of the handset, providing a thin but impact-resistant polymer shell. The interior lining adds cushioning, with Case-Mate's lay flat design extending the bezel to protect the screen. It's available in a host of brightly coloured shades too, should you need to draw more attention to it.

2. HTC One Double Dip Hard Shell Case - £18

Best HTC One cases: 10 to choose from

This official case made up of a main body and two end caps that clip onto the the top and bottom of the phone ensures there is a tough exterior to offer all-round protection. There's room left for the BoomSound speakers to amplify your music, and the shell also sits raised to help fend off damage to the big, bright display.

3. Speck GemShell - US$30 (around £19)

Best HTC One cases: 10 to choose from

For those who don't want to hide away that shiny aluminium body, this flexible see-through case wraps around your handset, adding a thin but durable layer of protection. A raised bezel will help keep the screen from harm when lying flat, while rubberised button covers should give it a nice sturdy grip in the hand.

4. Otterbox Commuter Series - US$35 (around £22.50)

Best HTC One cases: 10 to choose from

With a durable polycarbonate shell providing a defence at the back, the silicone inner on this case also helps to absorb impact. And a clear screen protector keeps dust, finger smudges and potential scratches away from that beautiful display. There's access to all ports and space for the rear-facing camera to poke out of if you need to take a quick-fire snap.

5. Incipio DualPro Shine - US$35 (around £22.50)

Best HTC One cases: 10 to choose from

Offering a dual layer of protection without adding too much extra bulk, the shock absorbent silicone layer and Plextonium brushed aluminium shell aims to fend off scratches and cope with any uncomfortable dropping scenarios. It's been built with materials that will not affect signal reception and crucially gives you access to ports and that 13-Megapixel snapper.

6. Overboard Pro-Sports Waterproof Arm Pack - £22.50

Best HTC One cases: 10 to choose from

Once you've picked out a fitness app you can go out for a run and have enough room for your smartphone, loose change and house keys. Using Overboard's Slide Seal System and a design that means it can float, there should be no risk of water getting near your smartphone. Plus if you're out at the beach it will keep the sand, dust and dirt away.

7. Belkin Ultra Thin Case - £25

Best HTC One cases: 10 to choose from

Ideal for those who are generally more careful about slinging their smartphone on a table or in the pocket, this polycarbonate case adds a thin layer of durability and a raised front to protect the screen. There's cut outs for quick access to all ports and a space to view the notifications bar so you can still quickly see if someone has mentioned you on Twitter.

8. Krusell Sealabox - £25

Best HTC One cases: 10 to choose from

If you have a track record of taking your smartphone for a dip, this silicone case will keep your handset sealed and secure, with a clear surface so that the screen is still viewable. Available in a host of trendy colours, it's waterproof up to 1 metre for 30 minutes and has a neck strap if you decide that you want to wear it like a lanyard.

9. HTC One Double Dip Flip Case - £25

Best HTC One cases: 10 to choose from

Enabling you to watch videos and films hands-free and from a more comfortable viewing angle, the flip-style stand found at the back of this case will hold your handset in place in landscape view. Once it's time to get off the train and stop watching, it'll close up and offer a tough polycarbonate exterior that should give you enough everyday protection.

10. Proporta Leather Pouch - £30

Best HTC One cases: 10 to choose from

Offering a low-key and understated home for your HTC One, this faux leather pouch with stitched design holds your larger than life smartphone in place with a pull tab keeping it secure and offering complete protection as it knocks around in your pocket. An aluminium lining also provides a last line of defence against scratches and everyday bumps.

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