HTC HD7 price and release date details revealed

HTC HD2 - so important, it has been highlighted in yellow
HTC HD2 - so important, it has been highlighted in yellow

The first Windows Phone 7 phone from HTC, the HTC HD7, has been unveiled in a leaked document, which details the handset's price and release date.

The document is meant for the German market but does give a decent indication of when the phone is likely to come to the UK.

According to WMPoweruser, who was given the document, the HTC HD7 is being released in Germany 18 October and will cost €559 if you want it contract free.

7 heaven

The HD7 is the likely successor to the HD2, with the 7 denoting the Windows Phone 7 OS which powers the device.

The HTC HD7 is rumoured to be a very powerful machine, possibly packing a dual-core 1GHz Snapdragon processor, a 4.3-inch 800×480 touchscreen and 8MP camera.

An HTC Window Phone 7 prototype has been caught in the wild a few times now and has gone under the guise of HTC Mozart, Mondrian and Schubert.

If it does turn out to be called the HTC HD7 then we will be glad, as naming the device after German classical composers and Dutch painters is just getting silly.

The 18 October release date is bang on the money for the release of Windows Phone 7, which has been confirmed in the UK as coming out in October.

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