Evernote app appears for the BlackBerry

EverNote - so a photo can stop you forgetting where you left the car
EverNote - so a photo can stop you forgetting where you left the car

Popular 'external brain' application Evernote has finally been rolled out for the BlackBerry, with the note-making programme appearing on App World some time on Monday.

Evernote is closing in on the million user mark, with its rather cunning ability to read text from photos and pictures making it an incredibly useful tool.

The service, which operates on a free for 40MB a month, pay for 500MB a month basis, already has an iPhone app, as well as Mac and Windows versions that all sync to your account, as well as a browser version.

And BlackBerry users can now download the application for free, something that CEO Phil Libin told TechRadar was the "most asked for feature" the company had ever had.

An external brain

EverNote allows users to clip text and images, or use photos as notes that can be kept and synced online.

With the notes and images geotagged, any text that the software can read from the images tagged automatically and also available in chronological order, as well as good ol' manual tagging should you feel the need, it does make remembering things a little easier.

Libin explained that the rapid growth of Evernote in its first year has been hugely encouraging.

"The thing that has really pleased me about our growth has been that it has almost been viral in its rate, but we have no viral functionality," said Libin.

"People recommend it because they like it, we've deliberately stayed away from any social networking functionality up until now."

Libin also told TechRadar that the company intended to bring Evernote applications to other phones as a specific application - including Android and Symbian.

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