Peak Design pokes fun at Amazon’s very familiar Everyday Sling camera bag

Peak Design Everyday Sling
(Image credit: Peak Design)

Peak Design has taken to YouTube to air a tongue-in-cheek look at the AmazonBasics camera bag, with the narrator highlighting how suspiciously similar it looks to Peak Design’s own Every Sling camera bag.

The video, titled ‘A Tale of Two Slings,’ strays from attacking Amazon directly, instead taking the opportunity to highlight why the Peak Design Everyday Sling is worth the higher asking price than the AmazonBasics camera bag.

Peak Design cites the difference in quality between its own Everyday Sling camera bag and the similar AmazonBasics effort, noting “years of research and development, recycled Bluesign approved materials” and “total carbon neutrality” among other selling points.

The jury's in

Looking at the two camera bags side-by-side, it’s definitely easy to see that the AmazonBasics camera bag is similar to Peak Design’s Everyday Sling, right down to the placement of the logo on the side of the bag.

The AmazonBasics model was even called the Everyday Sling, but was later changed to the more generic ‘AmazonBasics Camera Bag,’ leading to suspicion that Amazon was at least aware of the similarity between it and Peak Design’s efforts.

We featured the Peak Design Everyday Messenger 13 V2 camera bag in our roundup of the best camera bags for 2021, so we can certainly attest to the company’s commitment to high-quality accessories.

As for Peak Design’s approach to addressing the obvious comparisons, it’s honestly quite refreshing to see the company broach the issue in a more comical fashion, while also hinting at more serious topics like labor practices and fair pay for its employees, two things Amazon has come under fire for in recent years.

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