OnePlus Nord confirmed to have more cameras than the OnePlus 8 Pro

OnePlus 8
The OnePlus 8 (above) has fewer cameras than the OnePlus Nord (Image credit: Aakash Jhaveri)

The OnePlus Nord is being launched on July 21, but at this rate there won’t be much left to learn on that date, as OnePlus has steadily been unveiling details about the handset, most recently the number of cameras it will have on both the front and back.

In an Instagram post, the company shared a short teaser video which mentioned four cameras on the back and two on the front.

There are no other details revealed in the video (aside from a glimpse at the possible camera layout in cartoon form), so we don’t have confirmation of the camera specs yet, but when you consider that even the OnePlus 8 Pro only has five cameras (four on the back and one on the front), this is a lot for a mid-range phone.

This confirmation though isn’t a total surprise, as two front and four rear cameras had previously been rumored.

As for what to expect from the cameras, Carl Pei, Assistant Head of OnePlus Nord, previously exclusively told TechRadar that the upcoming phone will have "a flagship-level camera", so that bodes well.

Rumors meanwhile have pointed to the front cameras being 32MP and 8MP, while the rear ones could include a 48MP main, 8MP ultra-wide, 5MP macro, and 2MP depth sensor.

None of this is confirmed just yet but the way OnePlus is going it might be very soon – at the very least we’re sure to hear about the camera specs on July 21, and we may well learn the details before then. For all things OnePlus, stay tuned to TechRadar.

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