OnePlus 6T could land on January 15

Here’s something odd. OnePlus has just teased an announcement of some kind on January 15, so we could see the OnePlus 6T or even the OnePlus 7 then, but the date doesn’t entirely add up.

The official OnePlus account on Weibo (a Chinese microblogging site) posted the date, accompanied by an image of a calendar on a OnePlus handset set to January 15. There doesn’t appear to be any other information (though this is based on an automatically translated version of the post), but since the OnePlus 6T is likely the next phone in the works from the company that would be our best guess.

But again, the date doesn’t really work, as the OnePlus 5T and OnePlus 3T arrived in November of their launch years.

However, we haven’t heard much about the OnePlus 6T yet, so it is possible that it’s not coming out until January, or that there won’t be a ‘T’ model this time and the company will jump straight to the OnePlus 7. Though those options seem odd too, as the OnePlus 6 only landed in May, so we wouldn’t expect the OnePlus 7 until mid-2019.

Something's definitely happening on January 15. Credit: OnePlus / Weibo

Something's definitely happening on January 15. Credit: OnePlus / Weibo

All change

In other words then, if this is a new phone, OnePlus is completely changing its release schedule.

So it’s possible this is something other than a new handset, in which case it could be something far less exciting, like a new accessory or a limited-edition model of the OnePlus 6. But would the company really tease that this many months ahead of launch? We have our doubts.

So yes, it’s an odd teaser, and the OnePlus 6T remains our best guess, but really it could be anything. All we can say for now is that you should probably mark January 15 in your calendar.

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