Norton looks to keep you safe from ID theft with new Identity Advisor Plus platform

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Norton has launched a new Identity Advisor Plus service for identity theft protection and restoration.

The antivirus and security software provider says it developed the platform to tackle potential ID theft, which it claims has affected 30% of Brits.

The company cited recent research that found over half (55%) of British adults admitting they would have no idea what to do if their identity was stolen.

Dark web monitoring from Norton ID theft advisor plus

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Norton Identity Advisor Plus 

Norton Identity Advisor Plus offers a mix of social media monitoring, personal information monitoring and dark web monitoring tools to highlight suspicious activity on existing accounts. The software also highlights if personal information is being accessed elsewhere on the web without consent. 

The social media monitoring software focuses on the most popular social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Customers can sign up to use the new Identity Advisor Plus software now, with an easy-to-use Norton dashboard allowing its experts to detect any suspicious activity on your behalf, from £29.99 for the first year.

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The subscription also comes with Identity Restoration Support, including a devoted Restoration Specialist who acts as your case manager for handling any information breach, collecting ID theft case evidence and overseeing any necessary communication with third parties. They’ll also talk you through any necessary steps to restore your online identity and recover stolen information until your case is resolved. 

The launch is the latest release from Norton as it bids to help keep customers safe and secure online.

The cybersecurity experts have also recently released Norton 360 Advanced, a complete online security package to keep your data private and secure online. 

The platform includes a password manager, 200GB PC cloud backup, a secure VPN and parental control tools in order to help defend your whole family against cyberthreats. 

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