Sky moves to unbundled phonelines

Sky: LLU
Sky: LLU

Sky is taking complete control over its broadband package by switching to a local loop unbundled model rather than continuing with renting lines from BT Wholesale.

The satellite broadcaster had seen users take a BT landline with Sky providing television and broadband – but by using Local Loop Unbundling (LLU), Sky will now also be the phone provider.

"We have built a new state-of-the art network which uses Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) to give us end-to-end control of your broadband and phone service, instead of 'renting' the connection from another provider," Sky told customers.

"We're using the latest technology to offer you a great experience and to offer you new features in the future, such as managing your voicemail through Carrying voice and internet signals over our own network also means we can offer unbeatable value for money.

Not a thing

"You don't have to do a thing - we're transferring Sky Talk and Sky Broadband customers to our new network automatically, with minimal disruption to your connection," it continued

"Your account details, including your home phone number, email address and username will all stay the same. Your Sky TV service will not be affected."

It's not a big surprise, with Sky's key rivals such as Virgin Media already offering landline telephony through its cable network, but it does take the company a step further towards its goal of 'completing the circle'.

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