Netflix Premium subscribers could lose HDR as 'Ultra' tier goes into testing

Wallets at the ready – Netflix could be about to introduce a new more expensively priced subscription tier that offers the best of the streaming service's features, but at the expense of those already paying top dollar.

TuttoAndroid has spotted that some European Netflix users are being presented with an option to try out a new 'Ultra' tier, priced at between €16.99 and €19.99 a month. This is up from the current top 'Premium' tier which costs €13.99 a month.

The pricing tests have since been confirmed by Netflix to CNET, with also noting that the test appears to be being rolled out across the continent with nations including Germany being trialled.

Missing features

However, while the pricing looks to be going up, that doesn't look like it'll be bringing new features with it. Instead, it'll be removing features from lower tiers.

It's Premium subscribers who look to be hit hardest, who will not only see their maximum simultaneous streams drop from 4 to 2, but will lose out on the ability to view content in HDR entirely.

As Netflix's big original content push continues, it's understandable that it will be looking to boost its coffers. However, to do so by removing features from their most loyal customer's packages rather than enticing them to pay more with new innovative feature seems a cynical move.

Gerald Lynch

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