Netflix finally arrives on Amazon Echo Show smart displays

echo show 10
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If you have an Amazon Echo Show smart display, you can now use it to watch Netflix, which joins Prime Video, Hulu, and more.

The integration was first announced back in September alongside the new Amazon Echo Show 10 (2020), which comes with an upgraded design that allows the smart display to turn to face you as you move around the room.

Amazon still hasn't revealed when the Echo Show 10 will go on sale, and there's no option to preorder the new smart display as of yet – however, Netflix integration has arrived on older Echo Show models, so you can start bingeing your favorite shows straight away.

According to AFTVNews, the streaming service will work with the first and second-gen Echo Shows, the Echo Show 5, and the Echo Show 8. The only smart display that won't get Netflix support is the Echo Spot, which is unsurprising based on it's tiny screen.

Alexa, open Netflix

To use the streaming service on your Echo Show device, you can simply say "Alexa, open Netflix". 

It's a little more complicated if you're Echo Show is hooked up to control your Fire TV; as long as your Fire TV is turned off, all commands will be directed to the Echo Show. Otherwise, commands will be biased towards the Fire TV, so if you want to play content on your Echo Show you need to specify this in your command, for example, ‘open Netflix on Echo Show’.

AFTVNews says that you should try saying "Alexa, open video home" instead, which will take you to an overview of all available video services, where you should find Netflix listed.

Adding support for Netflix certainly makes the Echo Show range of smart displays a more attractive prospect for potential buyers; limiting the devices to Amazon Prime Video support means that users were missing out on a wealth of content. 

There's still no support for YouTube on the horizon, sadly. Right now, you can only access the site via Firefox or the Silk web browser on the Echo Show, which doesn't make for a seamless user experience. 

With such a vast library of user-generated content, including tutorials on everything from hairstyling to cooking, it's a shame that Amazon and Google can't see past their differences to offer Echo Show users a better experience. 

Back in 2017, Google pulled YouTube from the Echo Show range, citing a terms of service violation as Amazon refused to allow extra features beyond watching videos on the platform.

Still, if Amazon can extend the hand of friendship to its biggest streaming rival, Netflix, maybe there's hope for an Echo Show / YouTube reunion in the future.

Olivia Tambini

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