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RIM's Blackberry Thunder imminent?

The Blackberry Bold - imagine it without keys

According to the internet rumours, RIM isn’t done releasing iPhone killers. Hot on the heels of the Blackberry Bold 9000 comes the Thunder 9500, and it apparently sports a full touch screen.

This means no QWERTY keyboard, but instead input will only be possible via the roughly 3-inch display. Whether business users will let go of their beloved full keyboard is unknown.

But does it actually exist?

Of course, this could be complete vapourware, but precise specifications have been leaked suggesting otherwise. Only four actual keys will be present, starting/terminating calls, Blackberry menu and the return key.

However, no word on memory, resolution, colour depth, haptic feedback, camera etc, coupled with a lack of actual pictures of the device mean you should stay suspicious for now.

A quick look back at the Blackberry touch screen patent filed a few months ago tells a different story, with a few more keys and a sliding QWERTY keyboard, but allow RIM the chance to change their mind of course.

The device will reportedly be in keeping with the Bold, as it will also sport high-speed data access, and reportedly will be offered by Vodafone and Verizon worldwide.

Launch is tipped for Q3 this year, so if the rumours are true expect an announcement from RIM in the coming weeks in preparation of their attempt to topple Apple’s touch screen dominance.