New iPad and iPhone prototype photos revealed

iPad Prototype
This version would have had a kickstand

It seems that the previous iPad prototype photos will not be the last of the early Apple designs leaked by the firm's ongoing case with Samsung.

Newly released court documents reveal a variety of scrapped concepts for both the iPad and iPhone.

Of particular note are iPad designs showing a 16:9 screen format and several design iterations featuring a kickstand in the back.

Some kickstands protruded from the back on a swivel joint while others could fold flush with the casing.

One of the iPad prototypes was also labeled as iPod on the back, which may be an indication of how Apple planned to brand the tablet before settling on the final name.

The iDevices you never saw

The iPhone also had some interesting deviations, including an elongated device where the screen is only on the phone's top half and the bottom appears to be a blank panel.

Even the more familiar designs can differ greatly from the iPhone we are familiar with, such as an angular eight-sided design that would fit in on the set of "Battlestar Galactica."

While some of the prototype models are labeled with identification numbers, there sadly are no dates provided to offer a timeline of design iterations.

Even without the chronological context, the prototypes give a fascinating and seldom-seen glimpse into Apple's creation process.

Via The Verge