HTC Puccini tablet snapped, specs unveiled

HTC Puccini tablet snapped, new specs unveiled
Good focus work, anonymous

Some in-focus pictures have emerged of the long-rumoured 10.1-inch HTC tablet codenamed HTC Puccini.

As well as the pictures, which show a black-bezeled slate with rounded edges and gentle gradient slopes on the top and bottom edges, the anonymous photographer also tipped Engadget some specs.

First up is a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, with 1GB of RAM, 8MP camera, 16GB of storage and that 10.1-inch display is a WXGA affair.

Sweet Honeycomb

Unsurprisingly, it'll launch running Android Honeycomb although there's no word on which exact version we'll be seeing.

Or, indeed, whether we'll be seeing it at all in England's green and pleasant land – the pictures show an AT&T logo in the top right hand corner which pretty much confirms it for a US release but there's no confirmation on whether the UK will follow suit.

The source also revealed that the 10-inch Puccini is currently in testing, with a US launch not far behind – no doubt HTC will want it out in time to mop up the peak Christmas shopping season (September – November).

Such good pictures seem to indicate that the source comes from the network or the manufacturer, so we're pretty happy to trust the leaked info - and cross our fingers tightly for an IFA 2011 launch.


Of course, those in the market for a new tablet but not likely to hang on to see if the HTC Puccini is worth their cash should have a gander at our tablet buyer's guide video below – we'll see you right.

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